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Professional consumer electronics supplier. OEM/ODM

DestinyJikoe Shenzhen Industrial Company Limited With foreign trade B2C and B2B e-business operation as the core business, geek focuses on network marketing, brand building and supply chain management. The company covers the world and focuses on the international markets in Europe, North America and South America. Companies in the Alibaba, eBay, Amazon, Wish, Amazon, Wish and other cross-border electronic business platform intensive and meticulous farming; Create the extreme cross-border shopping experience, let the global consumers share quality products, enjoy high quality life! The product covers 16 major categories, the independent brand sku1 million sku10 million, the external supply chain, business products covering cross-border clothing, electronics, Home Furnishing outdoor mobile phone and accessories, remote control model, camera and photographic equipment, outdoor sports, video, Home Furnishing gardens, beauty and health care instruments, auto parts, lighting and other security products.



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